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1217) Mark W. Gregory  Male
Valley Ranch, Texas Location
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Thursday, September 11, 2014 12:07 AM

My Heart and thoughts are with each member of the Foley family this solemn time of year. Believe me when I say, that if I could trade places with Tommy and God would allow me, I would have already sent him back home safely to you all. Tommy had a very special place on this earth and had so much more to give. More so than any contribution I could ever make in a lifetime. I have pleaded with God on several occasions to reconsider my request, but to no avail. I would indeed trade my life and give it to Tommy. But I also know that God's Plan is perfection. Tommy's destiny was known by the Lord long before he was even conceived. Special Angels like Tommy are allowed here for only a short while. They serve mankind admirably and then must return to God's Kingdom. I realize that I am really not man enough to even to begin to comprehend Tommy's work he does now for all of mankind as a benevolent Spirit. That is why God had to take him back - Tommy is SPECIAL. God Bless you, Tommy. Thank you for guarding America with all of your firefighter brothers in Heaven with you on this day.


Hail to Tommy Our Hero, strong and true!
Who fought the fight and saw it through
Who soldiered forward, so bold and brave
Willingly gave his life, our land and countrymen to save
From his beloved New York harborís shore
Far above this mighty metropolisí roar
Let us proclaim his bravery from every town and hillside
Of Heroes like Tommy who swell our hearts with American Pride
Now with the Lord Our God, he does reside
But Tommy Our Hero sleeps not, for he is still saving lives!
For his is truly a Heart of Gold, so as a Holy Soldier onward he strives
To keep us all safe he was called Home at Godís Command
Tommy is part of The Lordís Master Plan
To continue in Spirit to serve his fellow man
In mysterious ways we may not understand.
Because this world is in such a mess
Our Heavenly Father must take the very best
For Heroes like Tommy, there is never any rest.
Now, all Thank God for Our Hero Tommy,
For with him, mankind is truly Blessed!

~~~~Mark Wayne Gregory - September 11th, 2013

I vow to avenge your death, Tommy. I will not stop until we have eradicated ALL of radical Islam from the United States and the face of the globe.

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