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1200) Allan Foley  Male
New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada Location
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Monday, November 11, 2013 12:45 AM

One of those amazing moments in life; My name is Allan Foley and my wife, Nicole, and I just spent an aniversary weekend in New York City. Our first time visiting to the US. I'm a Canadian citizen whose family tree is rooted in West Virginia. My Grampa Mose came north to Canada in 1923. Foley is a proud but uncommon name up here.

My wife and I visited the 9/11 memorial site yesterday before heading home to Canada. We were just two visitors in a line of hundreds. Once we were finally through the entrance, we slowly worked our way up first to the west side of the south pool. The crowd around the pool completely ostructed our view. We had to wait patiently and step forward as people left and opened up the view. Finally we worked our way up to the edge of the pool. We had not known anyone who parished that day or anyone lost a loved one in the tragedy. I looked down to read some of the names and the very first name I read right were I wa standing was Thomas J. Foley! I was blown away. My wife commented "what are the odds of us reading Thomas Foley's name first out of 3,000 names?" It was an incredibly emotional moment for us. Like some force steared us to that precise location!

We arrived back home to Canada and I decided to see what I could learn about Thomas on the internet. My first search brought me here.

I just want to say that we are a very proud and close family and particularily proud of our American roots. And now we feel especially honoured to share the name of a hero like Thomas.

This weekend of is one that will live forever in our memories and we'll never forget Thomas. We wish we really knew him but in some strange way, I feel like we were introduced yesterday.

Allan and Nicole Foley

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